Back to school – week 2

My second day of art classes was this morning – I brushed the dust off my sketching brain and jumped into it head first!  My instructor, Jack Montmeat (if you’re looking for great lessons, Jack is the teacher!  He’s an amazing artist and a fantastic teacher – check out his website here!), gave me some homework this past week that I took head on!

Today, our adorable model was Catie – does she get any cuter?  I had to photograph her as well (sorry, some habits just can’t go away!!)!

IMG_9441-copyBut I’m really glad I did because I would love to try to sketch her full length!  🙂

So that was how I saw Catie through the lens…this was how I saw her through my pencil

IMG_9464-copyI feel almost as though I aged her a few years (considering marketing myself as the artist of the future…LOL)!  But I feel more confident now!  Let’s see what next week brings us!!

But as a side note, I did have to share my water bottle with this little guy!  Is this a sign of something?


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