Meet Pierce (and his mom and dad too)

I know you all have heard me say how much I love my job and how much I love my clients…well, this time it’s still lovin being spread, but a different love.  First, let me introduce you to my new friend, Pierce.  Four and a half and a handful and a half (or so says his parents!)

patricia family_0429So what makes Pierce different from the rest of the cuties I photograph?  His mom!  Does anyone recognize Patricia?  You have to dig deep into your memory of pre-Facebook and pre-blogging…back to my old school wedding planning days…

patricia family_0431Patricia used to work with me (and she was so awesome, she became a partner in the company!) EONS ago!  Then she married her hunky hubby, Wyatt and accepted an amazing job out of town.  Serendipity (or rather Facebook) reconnected us and guess what?  They’re back in CT!  Yay!

patricia family_0417So yesterday was the first time I met Mr. Pierce and had a wonderful afternoon photographing this ADORBS family and a little friend catch up time as well!

This next one is my fav!

patricia family_0416We met on the campus of the ever scenic Loomis Chaffee school in Windsor, CT – what a beautiful spot to photograph!

patricia family_0427And Pierce informed me that yellow was his favorite color – and we all learned about Black Eyed Susans!

patricia family_0430


patricia family_0421

patricia family_0422I love kids who take my joking literally!  Sometimes I say silly things to get laughs out of kids…and this time I asked Pierce if he can lift Daddy…well, he could!  😉

patricia family_0418And we found a budding photographer in my new friend as well!

patricia family_0419

patricia family_0420And because I couldn’t get enough happiness out of these three yesterday, I also found out that Patricia and Wyatt were celebrating their engagement anniversary!  Eight years ago yesterday, Patricia popped the question (yes, my friends, you read that right!  My girl did it!)!

patricia family_0425

patricia family_0423

patricia family_0426Thank you Pierce, Patricia, and Wyatt for spending the afternoon with me!  I had a wonderful day!  🙂

patricia family_0428

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