Enchanted forest, hydrangeas, and swoons

On Monday, I had a chance to hang out with some friends of mine that are amazingly talented and just happen to work in the wedding field!  I love working with these ladies because they take a crazy idea of mine and just plain run with it!

Let me introduce everyone first!

Cake was designed by the ever talented Vicky Kenyon of Toria Dolce and Flowers by the super creative Helena Willis of Perfect Princess Events

larissa wadsworth_0437Our breath taking view was provided by our BFFs in the biz, the Wadsworth Mansion (I’ll tell you, it’s days like this that make me grateful to be a Preferred Vendor with them!)

larissa wadsworth_0443Our GORGEOUS model is Larissa.  Her hair was coiffed by Kayle Salwocki and Larissa’s makeup was perfected by Tara — both represent Tara’s Beauty Studio  

Now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret – many of our brides are frustrated when they hire what they think is a pro makeup/hair team and then end up requesting (and paying additional) for the Photo Shop fix up.  Take a look at the next pic – this was straight out of the camera, no Photo Shop, no fixing, no softening.  Nothing.  Just pure beauty enhanced by two pros who understand how a woman should be photographed!  Thank you ladies!  🙂

larissa wadsworth_0433

As a preferred vendor, I’m at the mansion quite often photographing weddings.  You all know how I love it there because everything is just so classic and breath taking!  But one of my little challenges to myself is to find new locations to photograph each time!  One of my favorite spots is the little “enchanted forest” by the tennis pavilion.  I love it there!

larissa wadsworth_0444The trees are spectacular and the whole area just seems to have been created for a photo shoot!

This next one is one of my favs from the day!

larissa wadsworth_0432 larissa wadsworth_0434 larissa wadsworth_0435 larissa wadsworth_0436 larissa wadsworth_0438 larissa wadsworth_0441 larissa wadsworth_0445

And I did forget to mention the dresses!  We actually had a tough time finding a dress shop to work with our crazy schedules (anyone want to join us on the next shoot?) so I dug down deep into my prop box and came up with the four dresses (well, three actually – read on for the story)!

One full bridal gown

IMG_9881n-copyOne tea length 40’s style (I call this one my Laura Petrie dress…bonus points if you know who that is!)

IMG_0080n-copyOne silver full length Watters gown


And the final gown was created by us all – I had brought a bolt of netting that we had intended another idea that was completely different…but we came up with this!  I love it!

IMG_0006n-copySee what happens when you get a bunch of creative minds together?  🙂

But how can I forget the beautiful hydrangeas?  The blooms were so perfect and I’m even happier to be able to return and photograph a ceremony at this exact spot on Friday!

larissa wadsworth_0439

This next one is one of my favs!larissa wadsworth_0442

And thank you, Vicky, for this fun idea!  Nothing prettier than a bride carrying her own cake to the reception!  😉

larissa wadsworth_0440

Thank you everyone for helping us bring it all together on this fun photo shoot!



larissa wadsworth_0446

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