Whole Lotta Love…Jenn and Brian engaged

Is that song stuck in your head yet?  It should be…I fully intended it to be the soundtrack for this post!

Meet Jenn and Brian – they made it to my Top 5 coolest spots to have an engagement session!  Aboard their sailboat, The Spectre

© Diane Parsons Photography_0039Our soundtrack for the trip actually WAS Led Zeppelin – hence my somewhat cheesy reference…I guess the cheesiness lessens when it means something, right?  😉

© Diane Parsons Photography_0029But it was a beautiful day (albeit sweaty…) for a sail!

© Diane Parsons Photography_0028It was sort of cool because I actually got to watch (and photograph) both Jenn and Brian busting their butts to get everything going.  Made for some great action shots!

© Diane Parsons Photography_0036

© Diane Parsons Photography_0035And some smootchie breaks too!  😉

© Diane Parsons Photography_0027This one is one of my favs!

© Diane Parsons Photography_0031There were times when I thought we were shooting a Nautica ad!

© Diane Parsons Photography_0032

© Diane Parsons Photography_0037

Ring shots on a rocking boat are a challenge, but we managed!

© Diane Parsons Photography_0033

© Diane Parsons Photography_0030

And you wouldn’t know it looking at the photos, but we had a whole crew helping out!  Thanks everyone for shuffling around for the photos!  🙂

© Diane Parsons Photography_0038

As we were pulling in to dock, I grabbed this quick shot of everyone pulling in the main sail….wait, who’s driving the boat?  Me!!  Left hand on the rudder and right hand on the camera…it worked!!

© Diane Parsons Photography_0034

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