Alicia and Mo – Vendors and Details

After a beautiful two day, two ceremony event, I have to take a moment to thank EVERYONE!  Right down to the littlest details!

First off, the BIGGEST thanks goes out to the Wadsworth Mansion for the ceremony location, reception spot, and a stunning backdrop for our formals!

© Diane Parsons Photography_0087

© Diane Parsons Photography_0113

© Diane Parsons Photography_0088

© Diane Parsons Photography_0094

The Hindu ceremony was performed at Havali India Restaurant in Middletown

© Diane Parsons Photography_0096 © Diane Parsons Photography_0100

I loved all of the little details from the key escort cards

© Diane Parsons Photography_0090to the gorgeous card box

© Diane Parsons Photography_0092to my personal favorite, the soccer scarves (personalized with their new monogram!)

© Diane Parsons Photography_0093Love these fan programs!

© Diane Parsons Photography_0095And the Vera Wang champagne flutes

© Diane Parsons Photography_0116And I know this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for…her dress!  It is a Pnina Tornai!!

© Diane Parsons Photography_0101And what was under her dress?  Alicia’s new monogram!  (You were expecting something else, weren’t you?)

© Diane Parsons Photography_0105

The saris from the Hindu ceremony were brought back from India by Mo’s family

© Diane Parsons Photography_0099Get ready for these shoe swoons!!  I must say that I love the pattern of the soles of these Hey Lady shoes!

© Diane Parsons Photography_0102

And a gorgeous “something borrowed” of Alicia’s comb and her hair was coiffed by the ever talented crew at Naomi’s Hair Salon in West Hartford

© Diane Parsons Photography_0103

And makeup as well, by Naomi’s staff

© Diane Parsons Photography_0118One of my favorite moments of the day was Alicia & Mo’s first photo together as husband and wife!  Their first date was at a bar, over martinis – so that seemed the perfect choice to take their first photo: at the bar, over martinis!  (Sort of bummed that the bartenders didn’t have any martini glasses…but what can we do, right?)

© Diane Parsons Photography_0107Once again, need to share some of the fab backdrop from the mansion!!  Here’s the front lawn

© Diane Parsons Photography_0104And the tennis pavilion

© Diane Parsons Photography_0089One of the coolest ideas EVER – framed childhood photos of the bride and groom instead of pew flowers or bows!  It was appreciated by the family and fun for everyone else to look at how they’ve grown!

© Diane Parsons Photography_0106AMAZING food, waitering service, and THE BEST organization by Jenn and the crew at Gourmet Galley – thank you!

© Diane Parsons Photography_0108One more view of the mansion

© Diane Parsons Photography_0109There were two officiants for the two different ceremonies.  The Hindu ceremony was officiated by Mo’s uncle from India

© Diane Parsons Photography_0097

© Diane Parsons Photography_0098And the Justice of the Peace for the second ceremony was William Dougherty

© Diane Parsons Photography_0114And everyone was on the dance floor, having a great time with the sounds of  The Blue Cherry band

© Diane Parsons Photography_0117 © Diane Parsons Photography_0112 © Diane Parsons Photography_0110Flowers were from Stop & Shop (I’m always pleasantly surprised with how pretty S&S flowers arrive!)

© Diane Parsons Photography_0111One of my favorite moments was an Irish hand tying ceremony during the wedding ceremony.  The two cultures became one when silk from saris and Irish lace were brought to Alicia and Mo by family and friends, and then tied together by the JP.

© Diane Parsons Photography_0115If you want to see more photos of Alicia & Mo’s fab day, like this last one, click here!

© Diane Parsons Photography_0080

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