Being 9 and normal…

When I introduce myself to people as a portrait photographer, the first response I always hear is “you must have fantastic photos of your kids!”.  Granted, I do *sometimes*…but not all the times.  You see, I’m a mom first…and I like to live in the moments.  🙂  And half the times my kids won’t let me!!!  So I have to settle for a quick cell phone shot or my point and shoot!!

This brings me to the reason for today’s post…it’s my baby’s birthday!  She’s 9 today!  We have her birthday photo shoot planned because she has grand ideas…let’s just say it needs to be atop a famous statue…we’ll leave it at that!

In the meantime – please enjoy a photographic journey of Evanthea’s 9 years…some of the photo are just snap shots…and we’re ok with that!  🙂

Moments after birth


One of my favorite photos – she’s one week old here!

1 week

Evanthea has had food allergies since birth – her first birthday was quite the challenge…9 years ago it wasn’t popular to find cakes that were free of wheat, dairy and soy.  So we made our own and gave her a birthday tea party!

Thoula's 1st bday 002

At age 2, she started becoming my model

489555_121100_68e667a047_p e 2years

At age 3, she became a princess

e 3 years

and a musician

e 3years

At age 4, she loved pink!


At age 5 she obsessed over the Wizard of Oz

e 5

At age 6, it was all about Cars and Matchboxes (I actually had another mom ask me if I allow this…yeah, I couldn’t believe it either.  I told her I let my kids be themselves)

e 6

(the really strange thing is…I bet you didn’t know she had Lyme Disease in the above photo…she was hit hard.  Sadly, it was on her birthday!)

At age 7, she thought she was Alice in the rabbit hole!

7 bday

And then Holly Golightly


With an Evanthea personality twist

7 tiff

At age 8, she briefly became a girly-girl (very briefly)

e 8

So far, she is a lover of art…


A lover of photography and volunteering (third year as a volunteer photographer for Special Olympics!!)

8 volunteering

A huge supporter of groups, kids, adults, and anyone else who thinks having a hearing aid is awesome!

e 6 and half

And an amazing kiddo (who gets a cupcake in her lunchbox!  Thanks to Dee’s One Smart Cookie for allergy free options!!!)


We love you very much and can’t wait to see what being 9 has in store for you (and us)!!!!  ❤

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