I AM Project – Sophie

My “I AM” project seems to be taking off really well!  I have been enjoying photographing these kiddos and getting to know them better!

Meet Sophie, a smart and cute 10 year old!  As you can see from the photos below, she has this fun side to her!  This little silly side will just pop out of her – just enough to make you laugh!


As you can see, Taylor Swift is one of Sophie’s idols (mine too…so I loved the shirt!).  She rocked the singing – in your head, you should be hearing “Shake It Off” while looking at this picture!  (She was actually reciting a website that’s a super big joke!)

2 sing-copy

One thing I love about reading the parents’ memories or thoughts, is the fact that we all can relate to many of them!  Reading this for the first time reminded me of my daughter’s first time…and mine too!  Remember when we all saw the castle for the first time?  Magic!!!

3 cinderella-copy

Being the youngest child myself, I usually relate to fellow youngests!  Sophie and I were trying to figure out a way to make it look like she’s on skis and she breaks out into this – made me laugh too!!

4 fun2-copy


5 energetic-copy

The girl never stops smiling!!  Thanks for coming to see me, Sophie!

6 sophie-copy

Have a tween you would like to nominate for a session?  Send me an email!

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