I AM Project, Part 1

I am truly very humbled with how quickly this project has taken steam!  I haven’t really had a chance to explain it in public – my wonderful mommies have been doing it for me!  I guess I will use this as my introductory platform and show you some photos!

I AM… started out as a webinar I saw about photographing the “lost years”.  I was intrigued with the title so I listened about how now is the time to photograph tweens because parents never do, because it’s that “awkward” stage.  I looked at my girls – their confidence brimming – and couldn’t find the awkward.  Here’s my 11 year old, Alexandra:


That’s her favorite picture – because it’s HER!!  Messy hair stuffed in a bun donut, crazy cross-eyes, her flute, her band uniform.  100% Alexandra!

So I figured, let’s look at this from a different point of view.  These kiddos are BURSTING with confidence – let’s keep that momentum FLYING before they hit that wall we know as self-doubt.

4 fierce-copy

So begins the “I AM…” project.  Parents, friends, coaches, teachers fill out questionnaires about the tween, send them to me before the shoot; I look them over and shoot the kid and let their confidence shine through and then add the words of their families.

And the kids LOVE it!  They get to dress up in their uniforms, every day clothes, leave their hair a mess – BE THEMSELVES  A-N-D TAKE PHOTOS??!!  This is crazy!!


One thing to note – I do NOT touch up the photos (except for the obvious like making it black and white or bumping up the color).  These are the kids as they are.  When I was editing my daughter’s picture, out of a habit I’m fixing her hair, brightening her eyes, blah blah blah.  And she was watching me and said “MOM!  What are you doing?  That’s not me!!  My hair’s always like that”.  Out of the mouths of babes and into my “do as I say, not as I do” guilt category.  So, PhotoShop will be taking a nap (except to add the wording) for these sessions.

2 sing-copy

So now that I’ve explained to you WHY I’m doing these crazy shoots – are you ready to sign up your tween?  After their shoot, I will post one photo on social media – then you and your tween will get to see all of the photos with the wonderful inspirational quotes you and your family have provided!  What a great confidence continuation!


And just to note – this post features just girls…but that doesn’t mean it can be limited to just girls coming in for the shoot (they just scheduled their sessions faster!)!  Boys are MORE than welcome to come in as well – I’ll have some to show you later in the week!

Interested in scheduling something?  Click here to reach out to me!!

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