I AM…Erik

Remember back in my part one post of the I AM Project when I said I have some boys to post?  Well, here’s one for you…Erik!  Erik and his sister Anna (her post is coming up next week!) come visit me every Christmas and we have way too much fun to consider this work!


Erik was actually one of my inspirations for this project.  I was listening in on a conversation he was having with my daughter and was talking about playing soccer at the “Bubble” in Tolland.  My immediate thought was how much I like photographing in there because their lighting is quite perfect!  My mind started wandering from there.  I tossed out this idea to his mom…and well…the rest is here!


I think it’s wonderful how all of the kiddos I’ve met are taking their choices to heart – they are all so proud of what they have accomplished.  Be it band, sports, school…everything has a story that they want to share!



I try to capture everyone’s personality – every angle of it!


This next photo is one of my favorites – it was totally by accident because I wanted a silhouette but  I ended up liking the reflection off his goalie shirt and came up with this!



Interested in scheduling an “I AM…” session for your tween?  Contact me now to schedule something!


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