Meet Hope – 6 days new!

A couple of years ago, I met this super cute little 7 day old newborn named Alivia (see her photos here).  Last week, I had a wonderful chance to reconnect with Alivia and meet her new little sister, Hope!


You all know I have a tiny soft spot for two sisters, so close in age!  😉 I love seeing other families with the same dynamic as mine!  It’s just the sweetest thing!


Alivia was such a big help with the shoot!


and a super cute, willing enthusiast!


But Hope completely stole the show!  She had me laughing with her giant personality jumping out of that tiny body!


She constantly had one eye on me, nosy little thing!  🙂


Sometimes I just have to trick the babies into thinking they’re asleep so we can get the cutie pie sleepy pics!  😉


But oh, the baby smell…and the tiny toes and tiny fingers, and raw squishy belly!  I love every second of it!


Toward the end of the session, Mom & I realized we forgot the cutest props she brought with her…so we got this pic…


….AND this!  This one, I like to call “portrait of a mom of two little ones”!


Thanks for coming for a visit, Hope!  I had such a wonderful morning with you and your sister!

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