Samantha’s Senior Portraits

So every session has a story…this one begins A LONG TIME ago (I’ve been scolded about saying how long ago…but it was long…).  I started nursery school (what preschool was called in the 70’s) and met a little girl who brought Moon Pies for snack.  I admired her for being able to bring Moon Pies to school.  We learned that our moms either knew each other or just met that day…we didn’t know – we just knew that we lived near each other.  Fast forward to middle school when we used to walk to and from school together.  Fast forward to high school when we hung out with different clouds, but still remained friendly.  Fast forward to our 20’s – we bumped into each other at a gas station and it was like a blink of an eye had passed.  Fast forward again to our 30’s, when we rediscovered each other on Facebook and we both have families.  We picked up where we left off…or just continued.

This girl I’m talking about has a daughter…her daughter became my kids’ idol.  She was the “big girl” that my 4 & 5 year olds wanted to be…she was the inspiration that my girls (now 11 & 12) still want to be.  She was their babysitter, my helper, their friend.  She’s now 17 and starting her senior year in high school…

Meet Samantha.


She’s the girl that every little girl wants to be:

She plays volleyball,


she knows where she wants to go (but to stay anchored with her family),


She’s sweet, kind, listens, laughs, tells me she’s not creative (but she is)…


and she has this awesome obsession with Jordans that can make anyone sigh!!


She told me she can’t be serious because she smiles too much, but I caught this photo!!


ROCK that senior year, Samantha!!

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