Kristin and AJ engaged!

This morning, I met up with Kristin and AJ at Wickham Park and we could not have asked for a more perfect morning!!


We were also pleasantly surprised with how beautiful the flowers still look!  Everything was so lovely!kristin-aj-eng0651kristin-aj-eng0652kristin-aj-eng0653

My absolute favorite moment!!  Look at this look between the two of them!!!kristin-aj-eng0654kristin-aj-eng0655kristin-aj-eng0656kristin-aj-eng0657kristin-aj-eng0658kristin-aj-eng0659

Crazy ducks!!  They knew they were getting fed – I think they heard the quarter in the machine!!kristin-aj-eng0660kristin-aj-eng0661kristin-aj-eng0662kristin-aj-eng0663kristin-aj-eng0664kristin-aj-eng0665

Congratulations Kristin and AJ!  Can’t wait for your winter wedding!  🙂

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