Ben and Shannon Engaged and Married

This weekend, I had a fun chance to photograph a good friend’s son and his lovely bride!  Ben & Shannon met with me on a beach at sunset and the result was breathtaking!


Ben and Shannon were married in March because Ben is off to serve our country next month.  His mom wanted to make sure they had some professional photos that were a little more of their personality before he left.  I was thrilled to oblige!!!

Because I think this next photo says it all!!


AAAAAAND! Want to know something even more cool?  I had a fabulous second shooter with me that night – my 12 year old daughter, Alexandra!  And wow…she got some fantastic shots!  here is a handful of my favs


I simply ADORE this shot!!  So sweet!!img_1698img_1711img_1744

This one has become an Instagram success!  Nice job!!img_1761n

Congratulations Ben & Shannon!!  Thank you for sharing the evening with us and THANK YOU, Ben for your service!ben-and-shannon0014

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