Brittney and Brian ENGAGED!

Alexandra & I had a wonderful morning this morning with Brittney & Brian – we spent the time at the fabulous Saint Clement’s Castle in Portland, CT.

(you may be wondering if I hired a new shooter – I didn’t!  My oldest daughter spent the morning learning the ropes today…check out this first pic, it’s hers!)


We had such a nice time getting to know Brittney and Brian!


and even more fun exploring the castle, finding fun spots to photograph!10-08-17-brittney-brian-engage_042210-08-17-brittney-brian-engage_0423

And that ring!!  SWOON!!10-08-17-brittney-brian-engage_0424


Brian gifted this beautiful necklace to Brittney for her Christmas and Alexandra captured the beautiful details!10-08-17-brittney-brian-engage_042910-08-17-brittney-brian-engage_0430

It’s amazing how a dress can transform a woman…10-08-17-brittney-brian-engage_043110-08-17-brittney-brian-engage_043210-08-17-brittney-brian-engage_043310-08-17-brittney-brian-engage_043410-08-17-brittney-brian-engage_043510-08-17-brittney-brian-engage_043610-08-17-brittney-brian-engage_043710-08-17-brittney-brian-engage_043810-08-17-brittney-brian-engage_043910-08-17-brittney-brian-engage_0440

We also got a sneak peak at Brian and Brittney’s first dance — LOVE!10-08-17-brittney-brian-engage_044110-08-17-brittney-brian-engage_0442

Congratulations Brian and Brittney!  Can’t wait for your wedding next year!  ❤10-08-17-brittney-brian-engage_0443

7 thoughts on “Brittney and Brian ENGAGED!

  1. My beautiful cousin and her fiancé pictures came out beautiful! I love them! And can’t wait to be a part of your beautiful wedding 🙂

  2. Brian & Brittney the pictures are awesome they all came out so beautiful it’s hard to pick a favorite.
    Can’t wait for the wedding!

  3. The pictures look exquisite. Diane captured them so well. Love the variety. Looking forward to seeing Brian & Brittney tie the knot & sharing pictures of her engagement & wedding date with family & friends.
    Love, Mom & Dad M

  4. We had a blast getting the pictures done! It felt like being a movie star!

    And thanks to Alisa Masalin from Hair Cuttery in Groton for my fabulous hair!

  5. Brittney,

    You look Ah-MaZ-ing! Brian, you look great also. You two are the absolute cutest couple. Great pictures! I love all of them. May our good Lord bless your union. Hurry up and get married already….


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