Amanda and Jay MARRIED!

Sunday, I think I’ve laughed the hardest I’ve laughed in a long time!  Amanda and Jay had this “let’s get married really quickly and have a party” type of day planned for their family and friends…and I’ll tell you, they did not disappoint!!!


We started the morning with a first look on the docks of Saint Clement’s Marina – the day was beautiful!  Warm, sparkling water, and a nice breeze to fluff the flag in the background!20170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers0002

No matter which way we turned, the view was perfection!20170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers0003

Amanda even brought her own jeweler to polish her ring as the day went on!!20170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers000420170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers0005

We had a chance to sneak up to the Sunken Gardens of the castle for some quick photos!20170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers000620170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers0007

And Jay even offered to pose for a Johnny Walker ad!  😉20170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers000820170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers0009

There is nothing better than silly, fun bridesmaids!  Really girls, I just wanted one pic!  LOL!20170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers0010

Told you it was a fabulous day!20170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers001120170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers001220170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers0013

I realized that I always stress to the brides that they need to eat…and not the guys…guess I need to change my tactics and make sure the guys eat protein!!20170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers001420170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers0015

Laura was second shooting for me and caught this great shot!  Amanda had a little sassy side to her…and it’s funny how she almost mirrors this cherub!  🙂20170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers0016

One of Amanda’s “must take” shots was walking down the aisle from her perspective…20170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers0017

and Jay’s.20170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers001820170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers0019

Thankfully I survived the goose poo to get this shot (none in our area!!)!20170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers002020170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers0021

Pete Devine not only officiated the wedding, but he and his wife kept that dance floor PACKED!!20170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers002220170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers002320170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers002420170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers002520170521_Amanda_Jay_teasers0026

Thank you Amanda and Jay for having me photograph your wedding!  I hope your guests had half the amount of fun I did!!!

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