Meredith and Tim MARRIED!

Welcome to married life, Meredith and Tim!!


Thank you for having me photograph your day – I had probably the single best day in my career!  The day seemed to fall in place, and everything was perfect, and the vendor team was fabulous…sigh…what more can I say?  Oh yeah…there was fireworks!!201700602_Meredith_Tim_teasers0002

Meredith was the sweetest bride – she arrived apologizing for being late…6 minutes late!  🙂  We managed to make up the time and sneak in some quick photos at the Wadsworth Mansion‘s balcony.201700602_Meredith_Tim_teasers0003

Thank you to Mike from AMS for the gorgeous uplighting!201700602_Meredith_Tim_teasers0004

Do they get any sweeter?  Sigh…swoon…201700602_Meredith_Tim_teasers0005201700602_Meredith_Tim_teasers0006201700602_Meredith_Tim_teasers0007

The fireworks show was spectacular!  What a send off!!201700602_Meredith_Tim_teasers0008201700602_Meredith_Tim_teasers0009

Right before the first look, we did a first touch…just a little “hi.  see you soon”201700602_Meredith_Tim_teasers0010201700602_Meredith_Tim_teasers0011201700602_Meredith_Tim_teasers0012201700602_Meredith_Tim_teasers0013

David Alan rocked the house with the amazing food, service, cake, food…yum!201700602_Meredith_Tim_teasers0014

Thank you , Meredith and Tim, for having me photograph your wedding!  I so enjoyed your family and friends!  XOXO201700602_Meredith_Tim_teasers0015

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