Bill and Amy MARRIED!

A big fat congratulations goes out to the man behind the best margarita in the state and his amazing bride!  Bill and Amy had a wonderful day at Saint Clement’s Castle for their wedding yesterday.  And for real, Bill does make the best margaritas in the state…(you all should know by now how picky I am about my cocktails!) haven’t tried one?  Head on out to Pancho Loco in Vernon – he’s trained the staff to follow his lead…as a matter of a fact, let me know when you go, I’ll meet you there!!



Just as the ceremony was starting, it started to rain.  The JP and I joked around that it will be quick…and it was!  just a quick shower – enough to tell a story of the day – and then…201700603_Amy_Bill_teasers0003

Amazing sun and beautiful puffy clouds!!!


Love love love this idea for a guest book!  Each guest was asked to sign puzzle pieces, which Amy and Bill are going to put together!201700603_Amy_Bill_teasers0004201700603_Amy_Bill_teasers0005

One of my all time favorite cake bakers, Hope Butler of A Little Imagination Cakes designed this spectacular cake from a fascinator that was passed on through Amy’s family.  The original fascinator is over 100 years old, so Hope created this beautiful masterpiece out of sugar.  Sigh…201700603_Amy_Bill_teasers0007201700603_Amy_Bill_teasers0008201700603_Amy_Bill_teasers0009201700603_Amy_Bill_teasers0010201700603_Amy_Bill_teasers0011201700603_Amy_Bill_teasers0012201700603_Amy_Bill_teasers0013201700603_Amy_Bill_teasers0014

Congratulations, Amy & Bill!  Thank you so much for having me photograph your journey!  201700603_Amy_Bill_teasers0015

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