John & Dee Engaged!!

John and Dee are getting married next month and I am super excited to celebrate with them!  We finally found the time to squeeze in their engagement session!

20170623_Dee_John Wedding Teasers0139

Both Dee and John have these fabulous laughs that just radiate their happiness!  (doesn’t Dee look like she belongs in the Middleton family?  See it??!!)

20170623_Dee_John Wedding Teasers0140

Dee and John were escorted by their girls, Annabel and Sydney – they brought the extra joy to the morning!

20170623_Dee_John Wedding Teasers014120170623_Dee_John Wedding Teasers014220170623_Dee_John Wedding Teasers0143

And what’s a trip to UCONN without stopping at the Dairy Bar?  Always photogenic ice cream!!  😉

20170623_Dee_John Wedding Teasers014420170623_Dee_John Wedding Teasers014520170623_Dee_John Wedding Teasers014620170623_Dee_John Wedding Teasers014720170623_Dee_John Wedding Teasers014820170623_Dee_John Wedding Teasers014920170623_Dee_John Wedding Teasers015020170623_Dee_John Wedding Teasers015120170623_Dee_John Wedding Teasers015220170623_Dee_John Wedding Teasers015320170623_Dee_John Wedding Teasers0154

Can’t wait for next month to see you all!  (and tell Annabel and Sydney that I’m expecting some new creative ideas!)  😉

20170623_Dee_John Wedding Teasers0155

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