The Gonzalez Family

I had a wonderful opportunity to photograph this beautiful family!  The day started off a little rocky – our original idea of location fell through.  A quick rack of my brain and a quick drive to the mansion and we noticed there was NO ONE at the Wadsworth Mansion!  Serendipity!!  🙂

20170723_Gonzalez family015620170723_Gonzalez family0157

Seven month old Bella is showing off her sitting up skills!

20170723_Gonzalez family0158

Here are all of the kiddos – great looking bunch, aren’t they?!  I love the hues of blue!!

20170723_Gonzalez family0159

And after we did the “serious” stuff, we had to play!  This next one was literally a prep shot!

20170723_Gonzalez family016020170723_Gonzalez family016120170723_Gonzalez family016220170723_Gonzalez family0163

Mom and her oldest – love it!

20170723_Gonzalez family016420170723_Gonzalez family0165

Sometimes “get silly” gets some great reactions!!  😀

20170723_Gonzalez family0166

A typical day in the Gonzales world!  😉

20170723_Gonzalez family016720170723_Gonzalez family016820170723_Gonzalez family016920170723_Gonzalez family0170

Thank you for spending the day with me!  And thank you for sharing your family!!

20170723_Gonzalez family0171

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