“Test out my new clouds!”

For real…that’s how it started!  I made clouds for a newborn session and I wanted to see how they photograph; so I asked my daughter to help me with a test run.  I received a luke warm “okay.”  When I told her to go do her hair and makeup, she jumped to action!


She did her own hair and makeup, and I just sort of wove the flowers into her hair…we couldn’t decide on her dress, so I whipped my wedding dress out of storage and viola!  A new dress!  We had to clip it up a little bit, but we managed to transform it into a newer looking funky style!


Sometimes I just need some fun out of the box no-thought creative shoots…and sometimes she needs one of those make your self super pretty and be pampered day!  Today was one of those days!


One thought on ““Test out my new clouds!”

  1. Beautiful! The clouds are a nice touch, and the photos are very well styled.

    *gasp* That can’t really be your daughter! She looks great, but can she really be that old?r

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