Ruth and Andy MARRIED!

Ruth and Andy are married!  And the really cool part is they celebrated their wedding on their 8 year anniversary of their first date!  I love little stories like that!  🙂


I had never met Ruth or Andy in person – this moment right here, was my first meeting with them!  And I fell in love!!  ❤

(Ruth is very traditional and didn’t want Andy to see her before the ceremony…she told me she was going to blindfold him!  I laughed it off, then saw this!  Oh boy!!)


Harkness Memorial State Park provided us an absolute stunning backdrop for the wedding and Ernest Adams, once again, officiated a spectacular ceremony.


Andy brought a little twist to the sand ceremony, he reached over and grabbed some sand off the beach and added it to the jar.  He said it was because God brought this sand – and God is the base of their marriage.  How can you not love that?!


Thank you, Ruth and Andy, for having me document your day!  It was amazing!


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