Megan and Cory ENGAGED!

Meet Megan and Cory – they’re getting married next year at the Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown!!  And because it is such an amazing spot to photograph, I was soooo happy they agreed to hit the mansion for their engagement session!!

20171018_Megan Cory Engagement teasers_0001

We thought it was going to be cold – so we started the session inside!  Always fun spots to photograph!!

20171018_Megan Cory Engagement teasers_000220171018_Megan Cory Engagement teasers_0003

Then, we figured why not?  Let’s go outside!!  Um…so glad we did!  It was 70!!!  Mid-October and it’s actually hot out!!

20171018_Megan Cory Engagement teasers_0004

We were able to enjoy the beautiful colors AND stay warm!

20171018_Megan Cory Engagement teasers_000520171018_Megan Cory Engagement teasers_000620171018_Megan Cory Engagement teasers_0007

Megan’s ring is so pretty – I couldn’t get over how beautiful it looked up against the cypress trees!

20171018_Megan Cory Engagement teasers_000820171018_Megan Cory Engagement teasers_000920171018_Megan Cory Engagement teasers_001020171018_Megan Cory Engagement teasers_0011

Thanks for spending the morning with me, Megan and Cory!!  Can’t wait for May!  See you soon!!

20171018_Megan Cory Engagement teasers_0012

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