I AM…Haven

Are you sick of me telling you how awesome my tween clients are?  Well, here’s one more! Meet Haven – this saucy 11 year old who is able to transform herself into different settings…and she’s the sweetest thing to boot!! Haven’s mom had the idea of the basketball and soccer ball with just her sports … More I AM…Haven

I AM…Olivia

Meet Olivia!  This chatty, creative, lovable kid came to visit me last week! Her passion is ponies – I learned all about her lessons, her hero, and her pony! But this kid loves sports!  She told me story after story after story!  I loved them all – especially the one of Liv playing catch with … More I AM…Olivia

I AM…Lauren

I’ve known Lauren for a few years now, but never knew this side of her!  Her continuous bursts of energy and refreshing skills made me laugh!  I had such a wonderful time with Lauren in the studio! I love seeing the different sides of Lauren – especially her dancing. A very talented girl, and her … More I AM…Lauren


The I AM Project is not just limited to individuals!  Siblings…besties…teammates…you name it! You’ve already met Cheyenne and Janessa separately…meet them together! I’m a firm believer that siblings take on a new persona when they are together.  I had a hunch that I could get Cheyenne out of her shell a bit more with her … More We are…SISTERS!

I AM…Janessa

Yesterday, you met Cheyenne…today, I want to introduce her big sister, Janessa! I got to see some of Janessa’s moves!  This girl has some skills with the tap shoes!! She also had some great ideas on posing!  I love it when the kids give me the ideas! My ABSOLUTE favorite quote of the entire project…Dad … More I AM…Janessa

I AM…Cheyenne

Cheyenne came to visit me after a basketball game.  They didn’t do so well, but she shrugged it off and said it was okay.  That’s what I love about these kids!  They take the good with the bad – they get it that it’s okay not to win every game! Cheyenne has this amazing smile … More I AM…Cheyenne

I AM…Kathryn

Kathryn came into the studio with her mom; she was quiet and observant at first… Then she opened up a bit and what a joy!  I had a wonderful day with her – she is so creative, such fun ideas! I loved that she was so comfortable in front of the camera.  She slipped right … More I AM…Kathryn