Photography Registry

Many of our couples already “have everything”.  They don’t want new pots and pans, they don’t need new sheets and towels.

What they really want is a fantastic wedding and they have registered for their photography services!

What exactly does this mean?  This means – YOU, as a wedding guest, can help pay for their photography services (or help them upgrade to an album, or maybe get the photo booth at their wedding, or buy them that fabulous gallery wrap they have their eye on) as your wedding gift!

How?  The button below will bring you over to our registry site and you can choose the amount you want to gift to our couples…don’t feel comfortable buying over the internet?  Please call Diane directly at 860.614.2456 and I will gladly explain and either charge your card over the phone, or meet you in person!

More questions?  Please don’t hesitate to let Diane know!!  860.614.2456 or

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